Local star chef Tom Douglas is serious about food, and that includes pizza. His applewood-burning oven turns out artisan-quality pies with crispy, chewy crusts and mouth-wateringly delicious toppings. Two of my favorites are the Yukon gold potato pizza with rosemary and pecorino, and the sweet fennel sausage pizza with roasted peppers and provolone. These pies are perfectly sized for sharing—don’t try to eat one all by yourself, or you’ll need to take a nap. Serious Pie is located in the “Tom Douglas District” around 4th and Virginia, near his other landmark restaurants (Lola and Etta’s). The low-ceilinged room is reminiscent of a pub, very informal, always busy. There’s beer on tap, a limited wine list, some excellent ciders, and a refreshing array of non-alcoholic concoctions that are as good as any cocktail: try the house-made Seville orange and pink peppercorn on tap.