Head Chef Audrey Spence likes her food fresh and local whenever possible. An advocate of the farm to table philosophy, she personally selects everything on the menu, including produce and fish, and she’ll even visit ranches to check out the quality of their beef. All of this is then cooked up at Urbane, a casual but culinarily sophisticated restaurant at the Hyatt @ Olive, Seattle’s only LEED-certified hotel. Because everything’s so fresh, the menu changes daily. If a half a hog becomes available in the morning, a delicious head cheese (pork pâté) will show up on the menu that evening. Seafood lovers will want to try whatever fish is on the menu—the wild king salmon and black cod are both tender and delectable, the cod served (on my last visit) with garlicky bok choi and carrots. The cool, unfussy restaurant, on a corner with big windows, doubles as a bar-lounge, or vice versa, so you can sit at high tables next to the windows or low ones in the center of the room, or a banquette. Service is friendly and efficient.