This Pan-Asian restaurant has long been a Seattle favorite, and because it's across the street from Benaroya Hall, it's perfect for a pre-symphony dinner. I like to pull up a stool at the large satay bar and watch the cooks grill little skewers of everything from chicken to scallops to prawns to lamb. Every skewer is served with a small cube of sticky rice and pickled cucumber; order three or four satay sticks and you have yourself a meal. Of course, you can also sit at a table and have a more traditional dinner. The Panang beef curry (prime rib-eye steak in pungent curry sauce of cardamom, coconut milk, Thai basil, and peanuts) is superb, as is the deliciously pungent duck seasoned with cinnamon and star anise. For pescatarians, the choice should be the black pepper scallops quickly seared in soy sauce and pepper. A surprising number of the dishes are gluten-free; a vegan menu is also available.