SeaWorld’s 2013 addition was this 4-acre, iceberg-styled pavilion dedicated to penguins. View a colony of 245 Gentoo, Rockhopper, Adélie, and King penguins, first in a human-temperature room with a fascinating underwater viewing of the little birds zipping around underwater, and then, if you want, from a 30-degree area where they waddle helplessly on dry land. The ride, should you choose to try it out, takes you to the habitat in the reverse order. It’s based on some cool trackless technology that allows cars, which will remind you of air hockey pucks, to roam the same room, even cross paths. Choose “Wild” or “Mild,” although the wild version isn’t much more intense than a few light spins and bucks. As rides go, it’s fairly pointless, but it is unique. Don’t confuse this exhibition with Wild Arctic, which contains the beluga whales and polar bears.