For 2022, SeaWorld squeezed a whole roller coaster onto a tiny plot of land alongside the water. Technically, it’s a “multi-directional quadruple launch,” but in practice, that means it slides back and forth on the same track, gathering speed and peaking at 100 degrees on a 93-foot spike before finally leaping over a steep hill shaped like an upside-down U. That’s right: straight up and straight down. There’s not a lot to it—it’s over in about a minute—but it’s surprisingly vigorous, smooth, and delivers some good air time. It's a pleasant addition that only cements SeaWorld’s image as a park that now emphasizes thrills over captive creatures. The best time to ride is when the Orca Encounter show is in session; the worst time to ride is when that show has just ended and the crowds emerge from the stadium to get in line.