On this 6-minute flume-cum-coaster ride (you can’t see the brief coaster section from the front), getting drenched is unavoidable, as the 60-foot drop should warn. Atlantis is incoherent but fun enough. First you pass through a few rooms as if you’re on a family-friendly dark ride (the effects aren’t great), and then you rocket down the hill you saw outside, and finally the water gives way and your boat becomes, briefly, a roller-coaster car with no upside-down moments but yet another splashdown. It feels cheap, but it’s different enough to amuse. Strategy: Front seats get wettest. Try to balance the weight; otherwise you’ll list disconcertingly. Keep stuff dry in a nearby locker ($2/2 hr., bills or credit cards), and leave it there when you ride Kraken next door. Ponchos are sold nearby for $11 (kids’ ponchos are $10).