On this 6-minute flume-cum-coaster ride (you can’t see the brief coaster section from the front), getting drenched is unavoidable, as the 60-foot drop should warn. Riding isn’t its only pleasure—it’s fun to douse passing boats with coin-operated water cannons, too (Number 4 does the most damage to the unsuspecting). Atlantis is oddball. First you pass through a few rooms as if you’re on a family-friendly dark ride (the robotics aren’t great), and then one of the spirits turns against you sending you down the hill you saw outside, and finally the water gives way and your boat becomes, briefly, a roller-coaster car that escapes the evil sprite with no upside-down moments but yet another splashdown. Besides the drenching you can see from outside, there are a few other lap soakers and delightfully nasty splashbacks—ideal for hot days. Strategy: Front seats get wettest. Try to balance the weight; otherwise you’ll list disconcertingly. Keep stuff dry in a nearby locker (four quarters; there’s a change machine), and leave it there when you ride Kraken next door. Ponchos are sold nearby for $8; $7 for kids.