Take a 2-minute dose of digital testosterone on this roller coaster. After you settle into your pedestal-like seat, you put on goggles and earphones attached to the vehicle and the floor is retracted, dangling your legs while you undergo seven upside-down “inversions” of one sort or another. Meanwhile, you watch a synchronized animated video of a wild undersea submarine trip—you can even look around in your virtual world. (Some riders report feeling queasy afterward, while some teenagers barely want to get off the thing.) The coaster, which hits 65mph and drops 144 feet on its first breath-stealing hill, is plenty terrifying on its own, but in 2017 it got this virtual reality refresh that it didn’t really need. You can do without the gimmicky headset if you simply crave an old-fashioned pants-wetting. Strategy: Tighten the headset more than you think you need because when you get going, it may feel insecure (it’s not). Because the train is floorless, you can’t ride with flip-flops, but you may leave shoes on the loading dock and go barefoot (if you do that in the front row, which I recommend, you’ll feel like you’re about to lose a foot in the rails). Lockers cost 4 quarters; there’s a change machine. Better yet, use one locker for both this and Journey to Atlantis next door.