Take a 2-minute dose of testosterone. After you settle into your pedestal-like seat, the floor is retracted, leaving your legs to dangle while you undergo seven upside-down “inversions” of one sort or another. The coaster, which hits 65mph and drops 144 feet on its first breath-stealing hill, is plenty terrifying, but it was built in 2000, which makes it a little long in the tooth in terms of smoothness, panache, and lack of theming. Strategy: Because the train is floorless, you can’t ride with flip-flops, but you may leave shoes on the loading dock and go barefoot (if you do that in the front row, which I recommend, you’ll feel like you’re about to lose a foot in the rails). Lockers cost $2/2 hr. (bills or credit cards). To save money, use one locker for both this and Journey to Atlantis next door.