Wholly independent of animals, Mako (“MAY-ko”) takes the crown as Orlando’s longest (nearly a mile of track), fastest (73mph), and tallest (200 ft.) coaster. It’s billed as a “hypercoaster” with “relentless air time,” which means there are lots of humps and drops, including several over water, which—combined with its deceptively loose restraint system—can make you feel weightless. That first brutal sideways drop is called “the hammerhead.” On an industry level, it’s a sign SeaWorld is serious about moving away from animal shows. On a thrills level, this is one helluva ride—Orlando’s best coaster besides Universal's VelociCoaster. The nearby lockers ($1/hr., bills and credit cards) are necessary unless your item is small because you can leave little items unattended in a bin on the platform. If someone in your party doesn’t want to make a foray on this nerve-tangler, send them to the flamingo paddleboats on the lake across the walkway ($7/person for 20 min.).