Rising above the park is SeaWorld’s thrill-ride pride, a “flying coaster” ridden face-down and head-first, in a horizontal position (claustrophobics, breathe). You board sitting upright, and after your shoulders and ankles are secured, you’re tipped forward and the train is dispatched over curious pedestrians for the 2 1/2-minute ride. The queue meanders through 10 aquaria containing cownose rays, spotted eagle rays, and weedy sea dragons behind floor-to-ceiling windows, so you get a dose of sea life while you wait. Even nonriders can see rays through a separate entrance to the left of the ride’s line, labeled Aquarium: The Beautiful Ocean. Speeds approach 60mph with four inversions, in a fanciful approximation of what it feels like for a manta ray to swim. Manta is a pretty unique coaster experience, and it’s solid fun. Strategy: Lockers are $2/2 hr., credit cards or cash. There’s an (unattended) basket on the platform for loose items if you don’t use the lockers. Because you’re in “flying” position, no seat has an obstructed view.