Under-5s lose their minds at this indoor show, and you may, too—it’s the show most worth seeing repeatedly. Although the furry cast is a deviation from SeaWorld’s usual finny ones, the tricks are no less entrancing. A menagerie of common animals (cats, dogs, pigs, ducks, a skunk), most rescued from animal shelters, do simple tricks, and trigger tickling surprises on a rigged wharfside set. As the supercute gags multiply and compound in rapid succession (dachshunds pour out of a hot dog cart, a cat chases a white mouse in and out of hatches), and as more creatures are added into the mix precisely on cue, the amusement escalates. There’s nearly no dialogue for its 20-minute run time. Afterward, trainers allow kids to pet some of the performers. Strategy: It’s fun to sit under the catwalk (literally—cats walk on it) over the aisle between the first and second sections. This 850-seat theater fills well in advance of showtimes. Seaport Theater.