This sprawling open-air bar and restaurant is a jumbled, mesmerizing shrine to all things Mexican, from cuisine and drinks to ambiance, multicolored décor, and toe-tapping Latino sounds. Note the stunning, hand-painted Latino-style artwork and Mexican-themed details across the eclectic split-level sections, including a street-side taqueria deck, an open dining courtyard, and intimate booths beside the main bar. Mexican food purists will catch on that this is a Tex-Mex-free zone; the aim is authentic southern Mexican fare and street food, with tortillas, salsas, and more all freshly made. (As the jury is still out as to whether this is indeed authentic street food, and since portions err on the very small side, the party vibe and décor may take more precedence than the food.) That said, these predominately finger food dishes are more delicately flavorsome than you would expect, designed for sharing.

Appetizers feature tostaditas (fried yellow corn tortillas) with signature de atun (raw tuna, chipotle mayonnaise, sesame seeds, and coriander) and ceviche y aquachile (bowls of piquant marinated raw fish or prawns). Mexicola's taco range covers tangy de cameron, with mini-sized tortillas packing tempura prawns, pineapple salsa, avocado, and coriander. The more substantial mains are ideal for family or group sharing, with melt-in-your-mouth fried fish. The house tequileria hsa one of the island's finest ranges of tequila, but don't miss killer frozen margaritas and jugs of sangria. Mexicola gets muy caliente and more riotous as its neon-lit nighttime progresses, adopting a more fiesta focus, with tequila shot mayhem and buzzing tables—celebrity sightings here include surfer Kelly Slater and model Tyra Banks.