Hidden just off Petitenget's main street, this terrific warung (local-style restaurant) serves tasty, authentic Indonesian home cooking from Sulawesi Island (aka Celebes). A little oasis in the heart of Petitenget, the restaurant is set in a delightful courtyard garden, with simple open-air dining in a covered section or under the shade of tropical trees. Sulawesi cooking has a refreshingly different repertoire from other Balinese dishes—basically more spicy and flavor-loaded. In typical warung style, freshly prepared food is displayed in trays in glass cabinets; first select the type of rice you want—red, white, or yellow (nasi kuning, fragrantly cooked with coconut)—and then pick a plate from counter staff serving meat, fish, and vegetable dishes. (The staff will also give you a ticket to pay when you're all done.) Traditional dishes that may tempt you include the delicious nasi campur; tuna, clams, and squid with eggplant; sambal tofu; rendang; and chicken curry; there are also large krupuk (prawn crackers) and an array of sambals (Indonesian spicy condiments) in ascending order of hot, hotter, and hottest. Sulawesi desserts include beloved pisang ibo (palm sugar and coconut filling wrapped in pandan pancakes). Ask for a mango fruit juice.

Although the prices are not as low as a very basic warung, Sulawesi is still great value for the money (and staggeringly affordable compared to its international counterparts). The staff is friendly, albeit with only sketchy English, and there's a very amiable ambiance, which is not always the case in local warungs. Come early, around 11am, when a batch of fresh dishes is loaded up for the very busy lunch run (noon to 2pm or so)—trays can get a bit depleted afterwards. Popular with locals and especially with the Muslim community, if you can't find Sulawesi, ask someone in the neighborhood, as most will know of it.