Known for the azure color of its tiled roof, Cheongwadae serves as the office of the president of South Korea. Blue tiles were reserved for kings and still denote a place of authority. The presidential mansion is to the side of the main building; next door is the Yeongbingwan, which serves as the guest house for visiting dignitaries. On-site are Chunchugwan (the Spring and Autumn Pavilion), Nokjiwon (Green Grass), Mugunghwa (Rose of Sharon) Valley, and the Seven Palaces from the Joseon Dynasty. Although the complex itself is tightly guarded, the Nokjiwon and Mugunghwa Valley areas are open to the public. Video cameras, large bags, pets, and food are prohibited. Photos are allowed only in designated areas. A nice walk in the area starts at the east gate of Gyeongbokgung, goes past the Blue House, and continues to Samcheong-dong Park.