The Han River has been an important part of Korea for centuries. For the citizens of modern Seoul, it serves as a place for leisure, especially now that the city government has begun its river "renaissance" project. Han River Parks encompasses nearly the entire shoreline on both sides of the river. It's a popular place to bike, rollerblade, jog, walk, or just sit by the water and talk with friends, especially on hot summer evenings. Water taxis (costing W5,800-W78,000) stop at 15 locations between Yeouido and Jamsil.

With the building of the Banpo Daegyo (Bridge) Fountain and a recent renovation, the area between the Banpo and Hannam bridges (on the south bank) has become one of the most popular places for Seoulites to play. The bridge is lit up with 200 LEDs as 380 nozzles spray 190 tons of recycled river water on both sides of its 580m (1,903-ft.) length. There are "water shows" at 12:30, 3, and 8pm daily, with additional shows at 9:20 and 10pm Friday to Sunday, each lasting about 20 minutes.

Tip: If you get hungry, you can flag down any one of the messengers delivering Korean "fast food" along the river. It takes only about half an hour for them to return with some hot jjajangmyeon noodles, mandu, or spicy fried chicken.