Bukchon Hanok Village is one of Seoul's most enchanting neighborhoods. Thanks to its central location, close to the city's palaces, it was once home to high government officials and the noble families of the Joseon Dynasty. More recently, Bukchon has begun to transform into a more commercial district. Fortunately, efforts have been made to preserve the traditional feel of the area, and even today it boasts the highest concentration of hanoks (tile-roofed Korean houses) in the city. Wandering Bukchon's twisting alleys should be at the very top of every visitor's itinerary. Bukchon Maru Hanok Guesthouse offers visitors a chance to better experience the area by staying in a traditional, but well-maintained, Korean home. Owned by the Kim family for more than 30 years, Bukchon Maru Hanok exudes the beauty of Korea's past through its stunning wooden exterior, sliding doors, and ondol floor heating that keeps the home especially cozy during the winter. Small additions of simple wall hangings and gorgeous ceramic vases add to the atmosphere. Of course, there are downsides to staying in a traditional home—furnishings are minimal, thin walls provide little noise attrition, and the tub-less bathrooms are tiny. Fortunately, the owners didn't skimp on air conditioning or Wi-Fi (this is Seoul, after all). Guests are treated to a Korean breakfast, included in the price. The family uses their own homemade sauces and ingredients, nice touches that aren't always found in larger hotels. The guesthouse features three rooms, one of which is a family room that can accommodate up to six people. The property also offers guests cultural experiences such as making kimchi or trying on traditional clothes, surefire ways to catch the true essence of Bukchon.