The atmosphere at this small, three-room guesthouse is just as peculiar as that of the themed cafés and modern galleries that surround it in the funky neighborhood of Hongdae. Upon entering Genty BnB, one's eyes are immediately drawn to the innumerable details of the living room. A "Merry Christmas" banner hangs from the ceiling, above an eclectic collection of character figurines. For the accommodations, the Genty Room is fit for a princess. One queen and one twin bed are enveloped in dainty décor, and the room is illuminated by a dazzling chandelier. A big vanity sits in the corner. The boudoir, while feminine, is comfortable and clean, and is a nice size for a small family. Even more striking is the aptly named Kitty Room. Plastered in pink, the room appears to have been hijacked by Hello Kitty herself—her face appears in the lights, curtains, and sheets. While this may be offsetting, or even creepy, to some, it's nevertheless an unforgettable room. (By contrast, the female-only dorm, the Melty Room, is basic and unremarkable—sterile, even). The kitchen near the entrance is well-organized and fully equipped so that guests can cook their own meals. While the rooms at Genty may not be everyone's cup of tea, they make for a memorable stay worth writing home about (which is encouraged at the free postcard booth in the living room).