Few hotels are as quirky or as memorable as Samseong-dong's Hotel The Designers. This boutique property features 90 rooms, each brought to life by one of 15 of Korea's most promising designers, providing guests one of the most singular hotel stays of their lives. Each room has a different theme, a different layout, and a different vibe, leaving it up to the guest to decide which to experience. Among the favorites are Room 511, "The Pavilion," which is centered around natural elements and a traditional Korean design, and Room 211, "A Travel in Hollywood SF Movie," which uses geometrical décor as homage to American sci-fi movies. The most famous of all is Room 1111, "Heart Spray," which features urban iconography and in-your-face floor-to-ceiling graffiti. Each room has its own title, story, and inspiration, and is ultimately a work of art in itself. The only downside to the spaces is a lack of light. Small tinted windows don't allow for much ventilation, either, which can be a problem in the rooms that incorporate Jacuzzis in their designs. Located just a 5-minute walk from the COEX center, the hotel can work for business travelers in addition to art aficionados.