For travelers on tight budgets who still prefer a bit more privacy than the typical hostel can offer, Metro Spa Cabin makes a unique option. This hotel isn't actually a hotel at all, but instead a jjimjilbang, or Korean bathhouse, which is a cultural experience that should not be missed on a trip to Seoul. Like other bathhouses, it boasts a number of saunas and hot tubs that are said to have healing properties. Modest guests beware: The bathing facilities, while gender-segregated, offer minimal privacy and must be used while naked. Metro Spa Cabin also offers visitors personal, cubby-like sleeping spaces, which no doubt offer a better overnight than the public sleeping areas found in most traditional bathhouses. These "capsule" accommodations are especially popular among businessmen in neighboring Japan, as the price to stay in one is usually less than a late-night taxi ride home. Guests should expect to get what they pay for, which isn't a whole lot. In fact, the "room" has nothing more than a thin pad and pillow to sleep on. Still, guests are invited to keep their belongings in the spa's large lockers and have full access to spa facilities, including the common room and gym. Staff is friendly here and the spa is located within walking distance of a number of Seoul landmarks. Overall, Metro Spa Cabin is not a bad option for those trying to save a buck.