Though the Park Hyatt may not be situated in the most central part of the city, its location in the Gangnam financial district makes it perfect for business travelers. The hotel's glistening glass exterior offers a preview of the modern furnishings and sophisticated facilities that await guests inside. All rooms and suites have minimal décor and floor-to-ceiling windows, which create a comfortable spaciousness not often found in Seoul's hotels. High-quality linens and comfortable mattresses are other highlights that set the Park Hyatt apart from its competitors. Unlike the rooms, the bathrooms are poorly lit, but they are at least spacious, taking up one-third of the rooms' areas and boasting large bathtubs and spa-inspired amenities. The main selling point of the Park Hyatt is its indoor infinity pool located on the 24th floor. Expect grand-slam views, but bring your own coffee—in true "Gangnam Style" fashion, the hotel charges over $20 for a cup of joe.