No night out in Seoul would be complete without a round of noraebang, or karaoke. Unlike the karaoke bars of the West, noraebangs in Korea are private rooms, allowing even the tone-deaf to belt out a few tunes without experiencing any next-morning shame or regret. Few places are as memorable (assuming copious amounts of soju aren't involved) as Luxury Su Noraebang, in the nightlife district of Hongdae. The dollhouse-like building is at once recognizable by its illuminated glass façade that allows passersby to peer into the private singing sessions of Seoul's inebriated youth. The interior is just as chaotic, with see-through floors, flashing lights, the sounds of staticky K-pop hits blaring from every direction, and attendants hurrying to escort groups to their rooms, which are rented by the hour. Once inside, guests can cozy up on comfy couches and choose from a selection of English and Korean songs to sing along to. Those brave enough to take up the mic are then judged on the pitch and accuracy of their singing, which creates for a nice competition between friends, although that's only half the fun of hanging out in these upscale karaoke rooms. Luxury Su may be slightly more expensive than its competitors, but the gaudy-yet-stylish rooms (think floral wallpaper and chandeliers) and the fantastic amenities (free ice cream!) make it stand out from all the rest. Additionally, the staff will happily point out the best haejangguk ("hangover soup") restaurant in the area when your singing time is up.