Bibimbap is arguably the most well known of Korean dishes, and for good reason. A simple bowl of hot rice mixed with fresh vegetables, fermented sauces, and marinated meats is not only tasty but also extremely healthy. Still, the pungent flavor of gochujang (chili pepper sauce) can be too much for the persnickety diner, and the addition of meat can be offsetting for visiting vegetarians. For these selective eaters still eager to savor the flavors of Seoul, Bibigo, with its custom-order bibimbap salad sets, is a safe bet. With a concept similar to America's Subway and Chipotle restaurants, diners pick and choose ingredients to add to their meals. The system is easy. Choose a type of rice (brown or white), a protein (chicken, pork, beef, or tofu), and a sauce (sesame, citron soy, bean paste, or red pepper paste), and let the chefs do the rest. Despite the ease of the process, the ingredients are of the highest quality (Bibigo is a family restaurant franchise). Only the freshest vegetables and meat are used, adding a distinctively clean taste to the dishes. Additionally, the uncustomary but sophisticated presentation of the food is aesthetically pleasing, if not quite Instagram-worthy. Although Bibigo's appetizer menu is enticing, few of the items there are worth ordering. Stick to the bibimbap menu to enjoy one of Korea's best dishes without any surprises. Order to-go, or dine at the restaurant's casual but classic Gwanghwamun location, in the center of Seoul's main tourist district.