Cafe Yung is a cozy, yet modern, shop housed in a renovated hanok, or traditional Korean home. The café is well known for recreating traditional Korean sweets with modern twists. The house's hotteok (pancakes stuffed with brown sugar and nuts), for example, is a step up from the street food version, as it is topped with fresh blueberries. The persimmon frozen yogurt is a popular option, and the hobac juk, squash porridge prepared fresh and bejeweled with a variety of nuts and herbs, is, in the words of Goldilocks, "just right" for chilly winter days. If you're on the go, grab a cup of sikhye, a sweet fermented rice drink, for a sugary pick-up. Cafe Yung is conveniently located in central Samcheongdong, making it the perfect pit stop on an afternoon of shopping and gallery-hopping. Additionally, the café's small size and well-lit interior make it a nice spot for reading or writing postcards to friends and family at home.