Tteokbokki, rice cakes drowned in a sweet red chili sauce, is a popular street food dish among children and adults alike. Though sampling this snack curbside is an experience in itself, the upscale version of the classic served at Mimine in Hongdae is even more highly recommended. Packed with university students and 20-somethings, Mimine is a popular spot to grab a midday meal or a late-night snack. The restaurant's tteokbokki is a soupier, less-spicy version of what's sold on the street or at Mimine's competitors. The rice cakes are soft and chewy, and the peppery and sugary flavors of the sauce put a unique twist on the original. Tteokbokki may be Mimine's best seller, but the shrimp, so good that it's patented by the owner, is what keeps patrons coming back for more. Deep-fried and served to be eaten whole—head and all—these tasty little morsels are mouth-watering enough on their own. However, they also come with three kinds of salt (sea, garlic, and seaweed), making them even more delicious, if perhaps heart attack-inducing. Mix the extra panko crumbs from the shrimp into the spicy soup and boom—you will have found a dish that rivals every other comfort food staple in the world. The seating area is cramped and the service is on the slow side, but the food at Mimine's is definitely worth the inconveniences.