Step into this little tea house and go back through the years to experience a Korea when times were harder but life was simpler. Even before being seated, visitors will find themselves mesmerized by the rustic décor that dots every nook and cranny of this cramped-but-cozy shop. Old-fashioned household tools, oil lamps, faded photographs, and newspaper clippings each tell a story, and create an atmosphere that seems to mimic an old countryside abode. The low lighting and soft traditional music create an ambiance perfect for enjoying a cup of tea. The traditional teas served at Moon Bird enhance health while satisfying the  taste buds. A general description of each is listed on the multilingual menu. Try the "five-flavored" omija tea for a unique taste experience in which sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and pungent flavors can be distinguished separately. The citrusy, vitamin-packed yuja tea is a godsend in the winter. The teas are served in delicate ceramic cups with a side of yakgwa, traditional sweets, and ddeok, flavorless (but addicting) rice cakes. After a slow cup of tea at this charming sanctuary tucked into the back alleys of Insadong, you'll feel enlightened and energized, ready to once again take on the bustling urban jungle that is Seoul.