In the old days, Korean children were sent to school with hot meals of rice, a protein, and kimchi, all packed into a dosirak, a tin lunchbox. Although traditional-style lunchboxes aren't as common as they once were, there are still a few places that serve up dosirak for the nostalgic Seoulite desiring a taste of his or her childhood. One of these locales is Tongin Market, a traditional market that not too long ago was on the brink of extinction. Although the market, like many of its kind in Korea, had continuously been losing business due to the influx of supermarkets, it was recently revived by the installation of Doshirak Café. Upon arrival, pick up a lunchbox and a string of tokens that can be used at participating vendors throughout the market. Allow Tongin's aromas to lure you from stall to stall, where you can sample an array of Korean food that includes everything from grilled fish and roasted beef to spicy rice cakes and fried dumplings. Take your lunchbox upstairs to Doshirak Café to enjoy your meal with locals and tourists alike at one of the restaurant's shared tables.