After you've tried bulgogi, bibimbap, and kimchi, venture deeper into the Korean culinary world with dalk galbi. Though its name literally translates to chicken meat (dalk) around the ribs (galbi), the dish is much more than that, with a combination of spices and vegetables that really gives it oomph. There are plenty of places to try this Korean specialty in Seoul, but Yoogane, a franchise with branches all through the city, allows for customized dishes at an affordable price. The Myeongdong location even boasts a well-translated English menu.

The classic charcoal-grilled Chicken Galbi includes average-sized portions of marinated chicken breast, cabbage, green onions, and lots of thick pepper sauce. The chicken tastes great on its on, but opt to add in mozzarella-stuffed rice cakes and sweet potatoes for a dish that will bring you to gastronomic nirvana. Snack on coleslaw and cold kimchi soup from the self-service salad bar as young servers pan-grill your order at your table. Dig in and be prepared for one of the most flavorful meals of your trip. (Do as the Koreans do and order a side of rice or noodles mid-meal if you're still hungry.) Yoogane is always bustling and the amenities are sparse, but what the restaurant lacks in atmosphere it makes up for in consistently delicious food. Don't be embarrassed to ask the server for an apron. Or for seconds. You can easily walk it off by exploring the fantastic shopping streets of the neighborhood.