Right now this is the club to go to—well, at least it is for my friends in Seville. Don't even think of showing up before midnight, and come ready to dance until dawn. Inside, there are a couple of bars and a cramped and noisy stage area at the back with an iron and steel mezzanine floor above. The clientele are in their 30s and 40s, and they are utterly determined to have a good time—particularly on Fridays, when the place is heaving. There's usually a band playing rock covers for an hour or so, interspersed with '80s and '90s tunes from the in-house DJ. The vibe is friendly, sexy, and fun. If you speak a little Spanish, it’s a really great place to meet a few friendly locals. Drinks are fairly sensibly priced for a night club, at around €3.50 a beer and €7 for a spirit or cocktail. The club does a really great dark rum and coke, stuffed with a cinnamon sticks and all sorts of other stuff, and an exotic gin and tonic sprinkled with juniper berries. If you're in the mood for a little dancing and fun at the weekend, this place is perfect. Dress code is pretty relaxed—smart jeans and shirts, rather than suits and frocks.