Groucho Bar is the place where Seville's young sophisticates go to see and be seen. Assuming you can get past the bouncers who like to play at "style police" (they once almost turned me away because my shoes looked too much like sneakers), it's friendly, flirty, and heaps of fun. It helps, of course, if you speak Spanish, but you'll almost certainly meet some fun people and have a great night out here. There's often live music, sometimes even flamenco or a trendy DJ spinning tunes. The crowd always looks very smart and drinks vast gin and tonics made with exotic gin, or rum and cokes with dark rum from somewhere you've never heard of. Groucho officially has two different opening times: 4pm to 10pm and then 10pm to 7am. Basically, you'll have to look smarter and cooler to get in after 10pm, the drinks will be slightly more pricey, and everyone will be a bit more noisy and excitable.