La Carbonería is the one all the guidebooks talk about for "authentic" flamenco. So, if you visit, don't expect to be rubbing shoulders with locals—chances are you'll be sharing a bench with someone from a Japanese tour group. But, despite the fact that it’s a bit of a tourist trap (especially on the weekends), this bar is still a great night out. It's bawdy, loud, and chaotic. It's often drunk and disorderly. It's great fun if you like your nightlife a little on the raucous side. There are a couple busy, crowded bar areas right inside the entrance, but the main action happens in the long bar out back, in a large covered area which leads into the garden. Here you'll find a basic stage and rows of hard wooden benches. A troupe of flamenco singers and dancers plies its trade here every night after about 10:30pm. They can be grumpy, often telling the noisy tourists to pipe down so they can sing. The quality of the show varies from "enchanting" to "going through the motions," so you just have to go with the flow and see what you see. But there's always a busy, slightly crazed crowd here, and you're guaranteed a night to remember. For many visitors, it's their best night out in Seville.