Looking for something a little more heady and panoramic than wandering museums and shops? Go climb a bridge! The Lupu Bridge, located in the southern part of the French Concession and spanning the Huangpu River, is the longest steel arch bridge in the world, spanning 550 meters (1,804 ft). An elevator from Luban Lu underneath the bridge transports visitors to the main deck, from where you then climb the easy 367 steps up the arch of the bridge to the viewing platform at the top, which is about the size of a basketball court (just imagine the commercials Michael Jordan could film bouncing basketballs from here). The prime bird's-eye view from the top -- of river traffic, the former 2010 World Expo grounds (centered around the striking red China Pavilion to the southeast), and futuristic buildings stretching into the distance -- is simply spectacular. And though the viewing platform is not officially open at night, some intrepid locals have been known to make the after-dark climb and lived to tell about the even more stunning night views. The bridge was temporarily closed to visitors during the World Expo, but should be reopened by the time you read this.