This museum is located inside a former glass factory and displays a glittering array of antique glass objects and other items that a true connoisseur might find basic. But it's a great side trip for families whose children might enjoy the daily glass-blowing and glass-cutting demonstrations. Rotating exhibitions have included Qing Dynasty snuff bottles and beads carved to resemble dragonfly eyes dating back to the Warring States Period. On the subway, it'll take you about 30 minutes to get to the area from the city center (and then you still have to get into a taxi or a free museum shuttle which leaves at two-hour intervals from stops on Subway lines 1 and 3), or simply hail a cab for the 45-minute ride from the Shanghai City Center. There's not much else out here, as it's located in an industrial part of Shanghai, but it's worth the trip for those who have an  empty spot on the calendar. The museum is rarely busy, and there's a café on site.