Opened in the middle of 2008, this tapering, 101-story, 492m-high (1,614-ft.) glass tower, resembling a giant, old-fashioned bottle opener, is the tallest building in China, and the tallest in the world, vis-a-vis the height to which visitors can ascend -- which, in this case, is the stunning, all-glass 100th-floor observatory at a height of 474m (1,555 ft.). (The building, designed by American architect William Pedersen and developed by Minoru Mori and the Mori Group, which built the Roppongi Hills complex in Tokyo, is technically the third tallest in the world.) The rarefied air and views from up top are unparalleled, but can be stomach-churning for those prone to vertigo. The 94th-floor exhibition space, and the 97th-floor skybridge are nothing special, but the tony Park Hyatt Hotel on the 79th to 93rd floors is certainly good for a meal or drink after your visit, as are the restaurants in the basement.