Built in 1855 on the site of an earlier temple, and restored in 1999 to celebrate the 2,550th birthday of Confucius, this temple honoring China's great sage offers quiet refuge from the crowded streets of the old Chinese city. As at all Chinese Confucian temples, there's a lingxin men (gate) leading to the main hall, Dacheng Dian. Inside are statues of Confucius flanked by his two disciples, Mengzi (Mencius) and Yanhui, and his two favorite musical instruments, a drum and set of bells. To the northeast, the Zunjing Ge, formerly the library, now houses a display of unusually shaped rocks. Back near the entrance, Kuixing Ge is a three-story 20m-high (66-ft.) pagoda dedicated to the god of liberal arts, and the only original structure left on these tranquil grounds. A lively book market is held here on Sunday mornings.