While this small boutique location doesn’t have the striking features, luxury, or location you might be used to from the Banyan Tree chain—such as a grand lobby with a location in the ritzier areas of the world's grand cities—it is a quiet, business-traveler oriented spot away from the Bund tourist frenzy. Enjoy Banyan Tree signatures such as house chocolates and a fantastic in-room rainshower head, as well as heated toilet seats. Rooms are well-appointed, with many boasting round, boat-sized bathtubs, and the large windows offer a great view of the Bund. Indeed, this is one of just a handful of hotels that is this close to the Huangpu River, and the views are fantastic from Bund-side rooms. You’ll find good value here, but if you want walking-distance location to Bund restaurants and hot spots, you should look elsewhere. Service is also a little spotty as they gear up to full operation.