This Bund restaurant is Argentina’s first two-star Michelin chef Mauro Colagreco’s interpretation of what Shanghai needs to know about South America. His cavernous restaurant is decorated with the warmth of red leather and white-and-black checkered floors, and the menu boasts tapas galore.  However in practice it appears Colagreco offers only a continental cuisine with faint touches of that continent; for example, a marinated octopus is dubbed a "Peruvian classic" and it's not apparent that a seafood tartare wouldn't boast Spain as its provenance. The right mix of familiar and South American still needs to be worked out; but in the meantime, award-winning mixologist Hektor Monroy does excellent traditional drinks with a Latin flair, and the restaurant also boasts touches such as an all-organic spice garden from which it claims to draw most of its herbs. Check the website for specials such as Tuesday night’s free mojitos hour. At 10 p.m. most nights a live band energizes the club half of the venue, and dining late night becomes a lively mix of tapas, drinks, music, and mingling. Check the website for promotions such as free mojitos hour on Tuesdays.