Expats and locals alike flock to Guyi for reliably satisfying Hunan at reasonable prices, and this is a great place to take guests who might want to try good Chinese cuisine but are scared of anything too spicy or strange. There’s nothing remarkable about the ambience cloth-covered round and square tables are crammed into a single room but it’s the food you’re coming for. The cumin-crusted ribs, spicy La Zi Chicken, and the eggplant and long beans are specialties for good reason; they're fresh and perfectly seasoned. (If you're a meat lover definitely order the ribs, which can be ordered by the piece). The restaurant's official stance is that it doesn't take reservations, and you’ll find a scrum of people crowding the doorways at dinnertime waiting for a table. (Although staff will usually take your name if you call ahead for a reservation before 6 p.m.) What you can reserve is one of the restuaurant's two private dining rooms, which have a 1,500 rmb minimum on food and beverage. That's very easily met if you have at least a table of 10.