Those who have actually lived in Sichuan province will swear that this is some of the best, freshest Sichuan food you’ll find in Shanghai. Sure, it tends toward the fancier side of Sichuan cuisine — nothing here would resemble the food you'd find in street side vendors in Sichuan province — and the quality of fish, meats, and vegetables here are top-notch, which is one reason it’s favored by expats and fastidious Chinese. The food is not so spicy that you're reaching for water after every bite (and good thing, because they only serve bottled water at a charge), and food is served family-style, which means you’re eating for a mere USD$20-$30 a head, not including drinks. There’s not much ambience here tables are pushed close together and the lights are bright but really, you’re here for the food. Try the La Zi Chicken (ask for bones removed if you prefer diced chicken) or the perch with fresh green Sichuan peppercorns. The kitchen standards are high, so the chicken is perfectly fried every time, and the fish is tender and cooked just right.