You can’t really call this a restaurant or even a dining event. Instead, refer to Ultraviolet as an all-senses-on-deck gustatory experience cultivated by the inimitable French chef Paul Pairet, who spent nearly two decades honing the concept and finding the right time and place to launch Ultraviolet. Expect the finest and most creative presentation of meats, seafoods, drinks, and sweet creations presented alongside theater, with floor-to-ceiling screens and "scent diffusers" installed in the ceiling that allow for the wafting of scents into the room such as an ocean breeze during a seafood course. Indeed, this establishment has a production team and video and sound equipment worthy of a multiplex theater — with screening capabilities on 360-degrees-worth of dining room walls — and diners enjoy an hours-long smorgasbord that includes more than 20 courses, including beverage pairings. Video displays shown range from ocean waves crashing against the shore to diners' names to Charlie Chaplin film clips, all paired to match the course served. There are two menus to choose from—the original UVA menu or the expanded, decadent UVB menu—and each night seats only 10 diners, with spots booked out months in advance. Simply put, Ultraviolet is pure fun, or as Alain Ducasse said, “C'est magnifique et delicieux!" A seat starts at 3,000 rmb depending on the menu; don’t think of the price tag as the cost of a meal but rather as entertainment for an evening. A note to sensitive types: It is a long evening, and by the end of the affair you may feel fatigue from sensory overload.