This is the Chinese restaurant with the power to transform carnivores into vegetarians for life with little sacrifice. The all-veggie menu changes every few months, but the standbys such as fake meat Kung Pao “Chicken,” “pork” dumplings and Wuxi-style “spareribs" will bring you back again and again. They do amazing, creative things with mushrooms, lotus roots, soybean-based products and all kinds of other things you’d never thought would taste so good, including putting them into dumplings and deep-frying for satay with dipping sauces. As the Chinese get more and more health conscious, they are starting to flock to organic, vegetarian options—but Vegetarian Lifestyle was the original, opening up in Shanghai in 2001. Prices are reasonable and the menu comes with mouth-watering pictures for those who can't read Chinese. Lunch sets are a steal at less than 50 rmb, and include a soup, main and rice. Those who enjoy upscale dining can try WUJIE The Bund, known for creative vegetarian fusion cuisine and started by the founder of Vegetarian Lifestyle after he donated his shares in that restaurant to charity.