The Westin brings the ultimate in dining and entertainment decadence to Shanghai with its famous Sunday brunch. Join the mostly expat crowd for fresh seafood, sushi, some of the finest Western meats you can buy inside Chinese borders, and free-flowing spirits that are so plentiful the champagne flutes seem to drop in from the ceiling. Entertainment includes a mini orchestra, jugglers, a belly dancer, acrobats, an opera singer, and a clown; you definitely have to be in the mood for this over-the-top experience. A second-floor entertainment room for the kids allows adults to drop off children who are older than two and head back downstairs to indulge. Arrive right when brunch opens at 11:30am to avoid the crowds at the very popular sushi and sashimi station. Tourists and visitors to Shanghai who only have a short time in town won’t find anything uniquely Chinese about this experience, but locals and foreigners who live in Shanghai will appreciate an opportunity to sample sometimes hard-to-find Western gourmet foods.