Want a replica of a designer sundress you saw in Vogue, only with a scoop- instead of a V-neck? Bring in a picture or sheet torn from the magazine. Need a dress shirt but your arms are typically too long for store-bought designs? Want a cashmere coat with tailor-made touches? Head to the fabric market to browse among the hundreds of vendors, where you can order up a garment exactly to your specifications. Be ready to haggle and don't be surprised if prices end up being slightly more than what you might pay for retail ready-made garments in the West, as vendors are well aware that tourists will pay for the privilege of custom-designing clothing at prices that are still less than a Western tailor might charge. Quality can vary as well as prices, so if you keep your expectations low you won't be angry when a seam isn't straight or a button falls off within a few months. A trip to the South Bund Fabric Market is purely for the fun of tailor-made at affordable prices. A good shopping strategy is to start on the ground floor and get a baseline quote, then work your way upstairs where rents are cheaper and vendors have more wiggle room on pricing. Most stalls are fronts for the same clothing manufacturers, after all. Even if you only have 48 hours in town, it's typically enough time to get something made; ask about delivery to your hotel room for a small charge. There are plenty of ready-made shirts, scarves, ties, blankets, and other fabric knick knacks on offer also.