Getting There

Flights connect Shenyang's Taoxian International Airport (Taoxian Guoji Jichang) with every major Chinese city, including Beijing (15 flights daily), Shanghai (12 flights daily), Guangzhou (five flights daily), Shenzhen (six flights daily), and Hong Kong (one flight daily); there are also connections to New York, California, Munich, Irkutsk, Novosibirsk, Seoul, Busan, Pyongyang, Tokyo, and Osaka. Flights can be booked at the China Northern Airlines ticket office (Zhongguo Beifang Hangkong Shoupiao Chu; tel. 024/2383-4089), located at Zhonghua Lu 117, north of Shiyi (11) Wei Lu. The office is open from 8am to 5pm. The airport is 30km (19 miles) south of downtown. An airport shuttle runs from the ticket office every hour from 6am to 6pm (¥15; 50 min.). Taxis at the ticket office offer to take groups for ¥20 per person; other taxis charge ¥80, including the ¥7 road toll. Cash and traveler's checks can be exchanged at a kiosk near the international arrivals area.

Shenyang has two main railway stations: the Russian-built Shenyang Zhan (Shenyang Railway Station) on the western edge of downtown, and the modern Shenyang Bei Zhan (Shenyang North Station), north of Shifu Guangchang. D-series trains to Beijing (six trains daily; 4 hr.; ¥218 second class/¥261 first class), Changchun (five trains daily; 2 hr. 15 min.; ¥93 second class/¥111 first class), Harbin (four trains daily; 4 hr.; ¥169 second class/¥203 first class), and Shanghai (one train daily; 14 hr. 12 min.; ¥375 second class/¥450 first class); express trains to Dalian (five trains daily; 4-4 1/2 hr.; ¥55 hard seat/¥87 soft seat), Dandong (two trains daily; 4 3/4 hr.; ¥42 hard seat/¥64) stop at both railway stations. D-trains leave only from Shenyang Bei.


Shenyang's main long-distance bus station, Qiche Kuaisu Keyun Zhan (ticket office open 6am-9pm; tel. 024/2251-1223), is on Huigong Jie behind the Times Plaza Hotel. Luxury coaches go to Dandong (from 6am-7pm; 4 hr.; ¥70), Dalian (from 6:30am-7pm; 4 1/2 hr.; ¥112), Changchun (from 7am-6pm; 4 1/3 hr.; ¥68), Jilin (six daily; 4 hr. 50 min.; ¥105), Harbin (four daily; 6 1/2 hr.; ¥98), and Beijing (eight daily; 7 1/2 hr.; ¥129).

Getting Around

The two areas in Shenyang where it is feasible to walk are the old city center, a 5-sq.-km (2-sq.-mile) area surrounding the Imperial Palace (Gu Gong), and the shopping district Taiyuan Lu and Zhonghua Jie, east of Shenyang Zhan. Most sights, however, are scattered in the sprawl outside these areas. Taxis charge ¥8 for the first 3km (2 miles), then ¥1.82 per kilometer (2/3 miles) and ¥2.7 per kilometer after 15km (10 miles). After 10pm, the rate rises to ¥9 for the first 3km, then ¥2 for every kilometer and ¥2.94 per kilometer for over 15km. Buses charge ¥1 to ¥2 and congregate at the two railway stations. Bus no. 203 travels from Shenyang Zhan via Shifu Guangchang to Shenyang Bei Zhan; a circle-line (huan) bus goes from Shenyang Zhan past Taiyuan Jie to Zhong Jie and the Gu Gong. Maps can be bought at Shenyang Bei Zhan.


Fast Facts

Banks, Foreign Exchange & ATMs -- The main branch of Bank of China is at Shifu Lu 253, west of the Shifu Guangchang (Mon-Fri 8:30am-5pm, Sat and Sun 9am-4pm ; tel. 024/2281-0777). Traveler's checks and cash can be exchanged at window 28 on the second floor; credit card transactions are handled on the third floor. International ATMs are on the first floor of the bank.

Consulates -- Most consulates are located in a single, heavily fortified compound at the intersection of Shisi (14) Wei Lu and Bei San Jing Jie. The United States Consulate (Mon-Fri 8:30am-noon and 1:30-5:30pm; tel. 024/2322-1198) is closest to the corner at Shisi Wei Lu 52. The Japanese Consulate (Mon-Fri 9am-noon; tel. 024/2322-7530) is next door, and the Republic of Korea Consulate (Mon-Fri 9am-noon and 1:30pm-5:30pm is across the road. The Democratic of People's Republic of Korea Consulate (Mon-Fri 9am-noon and 2-5pm) is situated at Sijing Jie 109. The surly staff at the Russian Consulate (Mon-Fri 9:30am-12:30pm and 3-4pm; tel. 024/2322-3927), at Shisan (13) Wei Lu 31, don't speak English.


Internet Access -- The 24-hour Internet cafe Tietong Xinganxian Wangba (¥4 per hour) is 2 blocks east of the railway station on Zhonghua Lu. Dial-up is tel. 165.

Post Office -- The main post office is at the corner of Zhongshan Lu and Taiyuan Bei Jie (May-Sept 8am-5:30pm; Oct-Apr 8am-5pm).

Visa Extensions -- Visa extensions are available at the PSB Exit/Entry office (tel. 024/8689-8710) at Beiling Da Jie 47, across the entrance of Bei Ling (Mon-Fri 8:30-11:30am and 1-4pm). Visas take 1 week to process, and require a hotel registration card and proof of at least ¥20,000 in a bank account.


Note: This information was accurate when it was published, but can change without notice. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the companies in question before planning your trip.