734 B.C. Corinthians found Syracuse.

480 B.C. Syracusans overrun the Carthaginian beachhead at the Battle of Himera.

415 B.C. Athens sails a great armada against Syracuse but is defeated.

409 B.C. Carthage attacks and destroys Selinunte and Himera.

211 B.C. Syracuse is sacked as Romans declare victory.

535 Belisarius annexes Sicily to the Eastern Roman Empire.

827 Saracens' invasion of Sicily launched.

1032 Roger seizes Palermo, launching the Norman dynasty.

1190-97 Henry, a Hohenstaufen, rules Sicily after defeating the Normans.

1231 Frederick II issues the antifeudal Constitution of Melfi.

1282 A rebellion -- the so-called Sicilian Vespers -- breaks out in Palermo, spreading across the island.

1302 Peace treaty between the Angevins and the Aragonese gives Sicily to the Spaniards.

1513 Spanish Inquisition introduced.

1693 Earthquake destroys much of eastern Sicily, including Catania.

1713 Treaty of Utrecht assigns Sicily to House of Savoy.

1734 Spanish reclaim Sicily under Bourbon king, Charles I.

1812 A liberal constitution spells the doom of the feudal system.

1816 Ferdinand abrogates the constitution, creates Kingdom of the Two Sicilies.

1860 Garibaldi's forces chase out the Bourbons, as Sicilians vote for unification.

1908 Earthquake in Messina takes 80,000 lives.

1943 Allied armies under Patton and Montgomery capture Sicily from the Nazis.

1946 Sicily granted semi-autonomous status.

1951 A massive emigration from the island begins, eventually totaling one million Sicilians.

1980s-1990s In spite of a campaign against it by the government, the Mafia maintains a strong influence on the island.

1992 Anti-Mafia judges Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino are killed within months of each other, sparking popular outrage.

2002 The strongest earthquake in Sicily in 20 years causes $500 million of devastation. Six weeks later, Mount Etna announces itself once again, with the most powerful eruption this century, belching smoke and fire and threatening tourist facilities near Catania.

2006 Mafia's number-one boss, Bernardo Provenzano, arrested near Corleone. The police announce that they have broken the back of the Cosa Nostra.

2009 Floods cause devastation to the province of Messina, leaving 24 people dead and 35 missing, and sweeping away cars and buildings.

2016 Sicily becomes ground zero for the migration crisis in Italy, with 90% of the 20,000 entering the country illegally landing in Sicily.

2018 An eruption of Mt. Etna causes an earthquake, damaging a number of buildings in Catania, and killing four people.

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