With its three central spires, Pre Rup looks a bit like a mini Angkor Wat. Prerup was built by King Rajeindravarmen II in 961 and was dedicated to Shiva. The best views are from the Hindu temple's south side. It is made of gray sandstone, which is a less durable material than the pink sandstone of Banteay Srei. As such, time and weather have had its way with the temple and many of the intricate carvings and detail have been worn away by rain and erosion. It's a crumbling edifice but still completely awesome in size and structure. Plants have begun to grow on the central towers and you can see their bright green leaves working their way through the gray stone. You'll be scrambling over the fallen rock and debris near the bottom of the temple and you still feel like a humble, insignificant mortal. Climb to the top of the temple and look west; on a clear day, you can see Angkor Wat's spires (roughly 12km/7 1/2 miles away) peeking out over the treetops.