This warm, friendly, rose-hued dining room is only a 5-minute walk from Piazza del Campo but just far enough off the beaten track to seem like a getaway (sosta means rest or break, as in “take a break”). The surroundings and menu attract a mostly neighborhood crowd that has come to count on the kitchen for excellent preparations of pappardelle, pici, and other classic Tuscan pastas in rich sauces. Grilled Florentine steaks are another specialty, but so are many unusual vegetarian menu choices, including delicious fritelle di pecorino, pecorino cheese fritters, and a cauliflower (cavolfiore) soufflé. Any civic-minded Sienese would get this reference to Violante, the Bavarian born 18th-century duchess who, after the death of her Medici husband from syphilis, became a beneficent governor of Siena and divided the city into its famous present-day contrade (districts).