The  Buddhist version of a megachurch, Chinatown’s flashy super temple attracts tourists, devotees, and monks alike. There's plenty of bling in a giant stupa (a rounded monument that holds Buddhist relics) made from more than 900 pounds of pure gold, adorned with 201 rubies, and surrounded by 35 statues of Buddha. To get a better look, the inner chamber is opened several times daily, including at 10:30am and 7:30pm. The Tang Dynasty-style temple is dedicated to Maitreya Buddha, meaning the "compassionate one" and just inside the grand 27-foot-high main hall on the ground floor is a carved wooden image. The six levels of the temple house several museums dedicated to Buddhist culture plus a rooftop garden, tea house, and gift shop. Dress modestly; shawls and scarves can be borrowed for those wearing sleeveless tops or shorts.