Esplanade Park and Queen Elizabeth Walk were established in 1943 on land reclaimed from the sea. Several memorials are located here. The first is a fountain built in 1857 to honor Tan Kim Seng, who gave a great sum of money toward the building of a waterworks. Another monument, the Cenotaph, commemorates the 124 Singaporeans who died in World War I; it was dedicated by the Prince of Wales. On the reverse side, the names of those who died in World War II have been inscribed. The third prominent memorial is dedicated to Maj. Gen. Lim Bo Seng, a member of the Singaporean underground resistance in World War II who was captured and killed by the Japanese. His memorial was unveiled in 1954 on the 10th anniversary of his death. At the far end of the park, the Esplanade-Theatres on the Bay opened in October 2002. Fashioned after the Sydney Opera House, the unique double-domed structure is known locally as the Durians, because their spiky domes resemble halves of durian shells (the building itself is actually smooth -- the "spikes" are sun shields).