The new must-have accessory for the world's most ambitious cities is a giant observation wheel, and Singapore has built itself the world's largest, standing proudly at Marina Bay. But in a typically Singaporean cultural twist, just 6 months after the multimillion-dollar wheel started to revolve in 2008, it was stopped and yet more millions spent on reversing the turning direction. Why? Because feng shui masters observed that the Flyer was turning away from the financial center and taking Singapore's riches with it. The U-turn was a good move; the geomancers are happy and passengers now get to appreciate views that stretch up to 45km (28 miles) to Malaysia and Indonesia before enjoying impressive views of the city skyline and the harbor on the way back down -- definitely the highlight of the trip. If you need a reminder of Singapore's enduring importance as a trading center, count the number of giant container ships waiting off the east coast to berth at the docks. It takes about 30 minutes to complete the circle, and the glass cabins are large enough to stroll around in while the world moves leisurely past.