Behind an unmarked door, just like you’d expect from any cool bar in New York or London, 28 Hongkong Street is intimate, dimly lit, and a great place for a drinks night out. The service staff is friendly (but not too friendly, ahem) and very professional, a combo you don't easily find in Singapore. The clientele is high-end 20-, 30- and 40-something hipsters who like a dash of exclusiveness and a spritz of attitude in their posh watering holes. Once you sashayed past the  velour curtain and entered the smallish room with its black marble bar, you'll be led to your table for an enjoyable evening that includes being able to hear one another talk as the music isn't ear blasting (thank you very much). The drinks menu has cheekily named cocktails like Whore’s Bath and Tai Tai Tipple, and there’s a snacks menu as well. Reservations required as the place isn't that big.