Created by combining three 19th-century townhouse villas, the Romantic has a kind of casual sprawl that’s part of its charm. The hotel makes the most of the art-colony history of Sitges, practically plastering the walls with bright, often whimsical canvases that make up in enthusiasm what they might lack in execution. The paintings continue into the guest rooms, but they certainly beat the generic posters of other hotels striving for an arty, romantic atmosphere. In fact, the name is justified—both gay and straight travelers from all over Europe congregate here and get the day off to a grand start with breakfast in the lovely garden. Note, however, that few of the rooms have en suite bathrooms, and many of the rooms are quite small and furnished with single beds. Companion property, Hotel de la Renaixenca, is used for overflow guests, who have full use of the grounds. The beach and train station are nearby.